The annual February/March meeting
of the Clemson Clan
was a complete success!

March 13, 2004

Douglas and Richard seemed to get along quite well...
Callie, pretty in pink, got very good in Cille's shoes, and it's not easy when they are that much too big!

Cydney graduates in less than a month from Law School and soon will be running the SC Court of Appeals.

What a gorgeous couple!
(Luckily, they're smart and nice, too)
Margaret and Buster at the falls at Oconee Station.

What a perfect day it was for the trek to the old structures (see below) and to these beautiful falls.

Buster, as always, made it so much better because of all the history and environmental stuff he knows, and he can communicate with such clarity and interest.
Douglas is a doll! And so happy!

Here we have 2 little kids who had just flown in from New Zealand, then driven for hours to Clemson, and both were as sweet and happy and not one cry - they are obviously quite superior!

Callie's hair is getting so long and beautiful.
Callie will always have Richard wrapped right around whatever finger she wants.

It's really nice to see how much they enjoy each other.
Buster at the block house at Oconee Station. He really should do a "History Walk in SC" PBS TV show. He looks the part, he knows all the stuff. You feel his passion about this area, now and in the past.
Mama got all dressed up and we went to church services.

She has a really nice roommate, Miss Nellie. Miss Nellie has had a good effect on her - God bless Miss Nellie.

Mama liked my little tiny camera and did the "Hilda" for me. We had a good laugh at that. Then she wanted to take my picture, and did a great job!