The doggies are anxious to get out and stretch their legs in a beautiful rest area near the ongoing presidential vote recount in Tallahassee, Florida.
After a nice walk and a drink of water, it's "on the road again".
Moose relaxes in the SUV as we travel I-10 west our first day out.
Buddy and Moose stretch out in La Quinta Inn, Mobile, Alabama, at the end of day 1.
We stop for lunch outside of New Orleans, no time to go into the city this trip.
We make it to San Antonio on day 2, and it's good to get out of the car!
Buddy and Honey discuss dinner plans.
Honey takes a break in her bed while Buddy goes out for food.
After dinner we took a walk and found a gas station that had no attendant and you could only get gas with a credit card.
Continuing the walk got us ready for bed.
Ready to relax and watch a bit of TV.
The San Antonio La Quinta was quite satisfactory.
We started out at 5 am and were ready for the first rest area after the sun came up.
On down the road it got more desert-like as we traveled west, still on I-10.
Soon the vegetation gave way to sparse brush in the sand, but there were always good "smells" at every stop.
By afternoon we hit the Rio Grande and stopped to get a good view of Mexico. The mountains in the distance are our neighbors to the south.
The Tony Lama boot factory outlet is a must when passing through El Paso - great boots at great pices!
After crossing into New Mexico, we made one last stop before stopping for the evening.
Found a nice Hampton Inn in Las Cruces and got rested up at the end of day 3.
We left Las Cruces at 4:30 am, our earliest departure yet, and made it to the border of Arizona by sun-up.
This was the prettiest of the stops said Honey. She was quite taken with the rocky cliff.
We stayed and played for a while, but soon had to get back "on the road". I-10 is a very long but interesting road.
Gas City was a new and very impressive truck stop and market. Moose insisted on getting a momento for Buddy which he will be given on Hannukah.
Soon after Gas City, we found a better place for Moose and Honey to get out and stretch their legs a bit.
Later we stop at an area with some very dramatic succulents and a "big" sky that seemed to go on forever.
After lunch we stopped at a rest area with this sign that read "Scorpion and Snake area - do not enter". That really made us all confortable while getting a bit of exercise!
Back on the road, still good old I-10, it's time for a nap.
We almost got all the way through Arizona without getting the opportunity to see the big cactus up close, but finally found this lone specimen.
After our "photo opportunity", it's back th the SUV for the short hop to California.
The last night on the road was relaxing and emotional.
Moose got plenty of Beauty rest.
After getting through Los Angeles, we hit I-5 and take a right. Soon we find a place to take a break.
Here in the valley, there are crops as far as the eye can see - Vegetables, Fruits and Nuts. Irrigation is essential, and every area that is not watered is dry and barren, but where watered it's a "Garden of Eden".

 The year 2000, Yuletide season
Bud and Caren leave with pride.
Moose and Honey are the reason
For this trip, a westbound ride

Bob and Joan have traveled west
Walnut Creek, a mountain nest.
The dogs too old to crate and fly
What to do? we feared they'd die

"Adopt the dogs" was Bob's first plea
"You will love their company."
Bud said yes, Caren no
The dogs will miss you ever so

 We will drive them to your home
In the mountains they will roam
The world will not believe this move
Dogs and friends will surely prove

That love and care in Zissons bound
for our dogs, their spirits sound
Our love and cheers will never wave
For this mitzvah the Zissons gave.



 After 2 wonderful days in San Francisco, Buddy and Caren bid their travel partners "Adieu" and go to catch a plane for Dallas, conecting to WPB. Alas, Dallas is hit with an Ice Storm, the plane is cancelled, and we are routed to Chicago.

Arriving at 3 pm in a snow storm, our connection is scheduled to depart at 4. Then 5. Then 6...

We get on at 6, and sit on the plane getting de-iced 3 times and refueled 3 times (as we use it up sitting there and taxiing around).
Finally at 11:30 pm we get taken off - flight cancelled - and the Red Cross set up several hundred cots as many people were stranded in the airport for the night. The next morning they wake us at 4:30, give us juice and donuts, and it's back to the gate.

We arrive in WPB 80 degree sunshine just before noon December 14, 2000.